About Bricoleur

Bricoleur Technologies’ management team have over 20 years’ experience delivering technology solutions and nurturing talent. We know how to find the right staff for you, from a single admin, to a high-performance development or technical support team; we take a pragmatic approach with proven success.

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So What's Bricoleur Anyway?

A bricoleur (“bree-CO-ler”) is someone who takes a pragmatic approach to designing solutions, building something innovative yet functional with the tools and materials that come readily to hand. It’s also French for handyman or builder, so feel free to say it with a French accent.

The company name reflects our philosophy – we don’t reinvent the wheel, and we don’t make things that are unnecessarily complex or over-engineered.  We aim for elegance and robustness in simplicity, with solutions that are cost-effective and solve real-world problems.

Bricoleur Force

Experienced, certified Salesforce Admins, Developers, Architects and Consultants. Implementations, projects, full-time and part-time managed staff and pay-as-you-go services.

Bricoleur People

With a deep talent pool and extensive networks, our recruitment services will find the right technical staff for your team. We track down specialists who didn’t even realise they were looking for a new career opportunity.

Bricoleur Technology

From full stack developers, ERP experts, mobile app developers, BI and data warehousing, project management to executive staff, from a single person to an entire team to augment your workforce.

Recent Clients


"It has been an absolute treat! It’s certainly freed up my time to focus on maintenance work with our clients and side projects….. It’s been an absolute delight and has made a big difference."
Customer Success Manager, Sydney
"We should have started outsourcing years ago."
Accountant, Melbourne

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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"​

Albert Einstein

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