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How do you choose to travel for Business?

When you travel for business, how do you choose to get from the airport to the hotel? What does the decision say about your management style? 

Some options: 

  • Limousine 
  • Hotel Car 
  • Airport Shuttle 
  • Taxi 
  • Public Transport 

In the last month, I’ve been in Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines, and as I was en-route from Singapore to Manila I started thinking about the trade-off between productivity and effectiveness. 

For a senior executive, a limo or hotel car makes the most sense – you’re met at the airport and taken to your hotel with the most comfort and the least stress. 

Yet in Singapore the MRT (train system) is a viable option, in Bangkok the Skytrain works well & the local taxis will get you there. In Melbourne the Skybus is a good option, and in Sydney the train works well. In Manila, all bets are off.

The downside of the “best”, most efficient option is that you don’t get a “normal” experience of the city, you miss the opportunity to start to tune into how the city works. If you work, travel & stay in a 4 or 5 star bubble, you’re going to be less effective doing business there. 

Where are you on the spectrum?

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