Bricoleur Pardot Starter Pack

Bundle Components


Bundle Pricing (ex gst)

  • Baseline Configuration and Requirements Analysis
  • Campaign, Lists, E-mail Templates
  • Forms / Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring
  • Automation / Journeys
  • Install / Configure Salesforce Connector (No Charge)
  • Clients can choose which sections are relevant and/or stagger the deployment of each section over time.
  • Pricing assumes that the client provides HTML for email templates, forms, landing pages.

Ongoing Service Post-Implementation

Health Check / Advisory

System and Administration

Keep your org up-to-date and relevant with ongoing system administration and maintenance.
- As needed
- Dedicated Part-time
- Dedicated Full-time


Extend the power of Salesforce with customised features including Lightning Components, APEX triggers, and integration with external systems.
- Managed Project
- Dedicated Full-time Developer

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