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Simplification of Applications

One of the major advancements of the last 5 – 10 years has been the simplification of how software applications talk to each other.

As an example, recently we worked with a client to include an acceptance link on the PDF proposal sent to their customers. The link took the customer to an online form, once the proposal was accepted the information in the client’s CRM was updated automatically. The whole project took about an hour and we worked through it with the client via a webinar.

Businesses can now “plug together” various applications they use internally, as well as connecting to suppliers and customers, unlocking the value of data from silos and reducing or eliminating the double-handling of data.

Most software platforms now will have an API (application programming interface.) It’s an example of a really simple technology standard (JSON) having a massive benefit. Applications now “play nicely” together.

By using integration tools like Zapier, Mulesoft or Workato, a non-technical user can configure in minutes or hours what would previously have taken days, weeks or months of development effort.

It’s always nice when technology enables/simplifies rather than adding cost and complexity.

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