Bringing People, Process, and Platform together to maximise your return on investment.

Business success can depend on how well your people, processes and platform are aligned to your strategic and operational objectives. Bricoleur Technologies helps you leverage these by working with you to deliver pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to sales and service processes via the Salesforce platform and broader ecosystem; and by providing experienced offshore administrative and technical staff to augment your onshore team.

Smart. Not Hard

As a Salesforce consulting partner Bricoleur Technologies helps you maximise your investment in the Salesforce platform.

Outsourcing and Virtual Teams

With a deep talent pool and extensive networks, our recruitment services will find the right technical staff for your team.

So what’s a bricoleur anyway…?

A bricoleur (“bree-CO-ler”) is someone who takes a pragmatic approach to designing solutions, building something innovative yet functional with the tools and materials that come readily to hand. It’s also French for handyman or builder, so feel free to say it with a French accent.

The company name reflects our philosophy – we don’t reinvent the wheel, and we don’t make things that are unnecessarily complex or over-engineered. We aim for elegance and robustness in simplicity, with solutions that are cost-effective and solve real-world problems.

Our Customers

From ASX-listed companies, to family businesses, to solopreneurs and start-ups; from real estate and finance, legal, accounting, marketing, engineering, construction, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, education, fintech, medtech, online retail…

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How can we help?

Bricoleur Technologies’ management team have over 20 years’ experience delivering technology solutions and nurturing talent. We know how to find the right staff for you, from a single admin, to a high-performance development or technical support team; we take a pragmatic approach with proven success.

Get in touch today, let’s talk about a customised solution that works for your business.

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Pragmatic Outsourcing Q&A – Bricoleur Technologies

Pragmatic Outsourcing with Bricoleur Technologies – here’s an interview which covers tips and strategies to get started with outsourcing, building teams from virtual assistants (VAs) to high-performance virtual teams, including general administration, sales, digital marketing, IT support, accounts, mortgage processing, customer service and call centres.

From solopreneurs to small businesses, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger businesses, this video explores the benefits of outsourcing.

Latest News

Updates and information from the Bricloeur blog.

Get the latest updates and tips on Salesforce, and Workforce optimisation.

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